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Pizza Castle
Flavor of Punjab

Pizza Castle Flavor of Punjab has been owned by Mr. Harjit Singh Thind on Nov 21, 2018. This is his family’s joint effort where all of them are putting their best to provide you the best of the best taste.

With the new Management Pizza Castle, has remarkably changed and evolved, especially with the new experiments in eastern tastes mixing with the Western famous food i.e. Pizza. Our most demanded and hot selling item is “Paneer Tikka Masala Pizza”

South Asian Style Refreshments (Samosaz, Aaloo Tikki, Veggie Pakora and Much more are also the craziest items.

Considering this tasty start of Thind and Family now Pizza Castle is heading towards it’s more Locations to fill your appetite. Stay Connected and Don’t’ sleep Hungry…..

Pizza Castle
Flavor of Punjab
Mr. Harjit Singh Thind (King)
Mrs. Paramjeet Kaur Thind (Queen)
Gurmanjit Singh Thind (Prince)
Gunsagar Singh Thind (prince)